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| Macworld/iWorld Expo

Yes, folks, while CES happens this week we're also deep into planning for everything we'll be doing at Macworld/iWorld 2013, and that includes … Cirque du Mac X (that's the 10th incarnation of Cirque du Mac and we're happily using the roman numeral to illustrate that… we trust you understand why!).

Cirque du Mac will be happening on the Friday night of the show, February 1st, and will again feature a performance by the Macworld All-Star Band. For those of you who don't know, the MWSAB is comprised of, well, us — your peers, your Apple-community brethren, your podcasters, your show organizers, you name it. Included in the band is Paul Kent, Bob LeVitus, Duane Straub, Chris Breen, Chuck La Tournous, Bryan Chaffin and, yes, yours truly.

In addition to the band the party will, as always, feature an open bar courtesy of your Cirque du Mac sponsors, plus quite a few surprises (yes, the henna tattoo artist and the clowns will be there, but that's all we'll tell you about right now).

Your Cirque du Mac sponsors this year include ProjectWizards, Movie Tracker, Lantronix, Garmin, Squarespace, and Smile. In addition, IDG and OWC are helping us out this year, as well.

The band is already deep in preparation, the logistics are coming together quite nicely, and it promises to be quite the bash. For those of you attending Macworld/iWorld that haven't yet gotten your invites, fret not — watch this space and we'll have something for you next week. We might just have a few tickets to give away.

Until then, this preview of the on-site signage should keep you going. Best logo yet!

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Dang!  It’s the same night as w00tstock!  But I will be there in spirit.

Bryan Chaffin

Bail early on w00tstock, dndgirl. We’ll be hooting and hollering late. smile

Thanks for the reminder of one of the reasons why Macworld\iWorld is way more awesome than CES, Dave: Cirque du Mac!


OOOOOH Yeah! Cirque du Mac baby! We mentioned it on the podcast (which I won’t plug here because…well…you shouldn’t spam) which should be out by Thursday along with the great sponsors because I promised I would! This will be my 7th MWE and 7th CdM party and I hope you’ll have a few tickets for the (name of other website here) writers! I’ll be wearing my CdM 5 t-shirt! WOO!


Five years ago, I brought my son, Ryan, to Cirque du Mac.  We shared booth with Nancy Graveley and friends…......and Ryan (a football jock) thought it funny to get a henna tattoe (yeah, right), then ran to catch BART in T-shirt in middle of freezing winter.
Last year, I missed MWE altogether due to last minute heart surgery.  My FIRST ABSENCE since MW began in 1985!!!!!!!!
This year Ryan is in area (rare instance) and will attend MW with me on Friday for his second time.  I’d love to get us both into Cirque du Mac. 
BTW, no Haiku poem contest this year?


We LOVE the Cirque du Mac.  And, what with this being the “X” - How can it get any more appropriate.  Here is hoping you will have a couple extra tickets for the faithful…

Greg and Susan Gehr

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