Anonymize Your Internet Connections with Anonym

Product Link : Anonym 2.0 (Donationware)
Company Link : Hanynet

When surfing the Internet, the IP address that is assigned to your device of choice is one piece of information that could potentially be used to identify you. Services such as can even approximate you location based on your IP address. In some cases, being able determine your identity and location can be a benefit, but in other cases, you may wish to hide this information. Due to the way TCP/IP works, you can’t just change your IP address. Well, you could try, but this will almost certainly result in a device that can no longer access the Internet. Fortunately, using a proxy server is one way to change the IP address you appear to be coming from. Enter Anonym.

When you first start Anonym, you are given the choice to either Start Using Anonym, or Automatically Build My Proxy List. If you’re new to the use of proxy servers, your best bet is to choose the Automatic option. This will download a list of proxy servers, showing the IP address, port and type. Each proxy server will then be tested, and the latency, country and status will be determined. The latency will determine the relative performance, the smaller the latency, the better the performance should be. Status can be elite, which provides the most anonymity, then anonymous, transparent and filtered.

Anonym Proxy Server List

Before going further, you should determine what your current IP address is. A good service for this purpose is You should also check Preferences to select which protocols the proxy server will handle. For web surfing, the defaults of http and https will suffice. You can also choose ftp, stream and gopher. Next, click on Activate Selected proxy, provide your Administrator password, and check your IP address again. You should now appear to be coming from a different address.

So when you need to anonymize your Internet access, be sure to give Anonym a try! Have any other gadgets that can help you maintain a low profile? Send an email to John and he’ll check it out.