AOL Opens AIM to Developers

AOL is no longer holding its AOL Instant Messenger network so close to its chest now that has launched OpenAIM 2.0. The move means it will now be easier to develop third-party apps that take advantage of the AIM network.

AOLis OpenAIM 2.0

Previously, products like Adium required some reverse engineering on the part of developers to create apps that worked correctly with the AIM network. With OpenAIM 2.0, however, developers can more easily access the chat networkis features for use in their own products.

Developers can also take advantage of AOL-approved or open source libraries, access AOLis AIM protocol documentation, app-based monetization options with AOL, and more.

Developeris interested in learning more about OpenAIM 2.0 can check out AOLis OpenAIM Web site.