App.Net Reduces Employee Count To Zero

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Microblogging service App.Net (or AdN) announced Wednesday that it will no longer have salaried employees after the most recent round of subscription renewals finished. In a post to the App.Net blog, founder Dalton Caldwell posted about the changes coming to the service, which should be invisible to users. Perhaps the biggest change is that Dalton and co-founder Bryan Berg will still be working in operations, just not as (paid) employees.

Not Hiring

Or Paying... is a microblogging service similar to Twitter, in that users can post short messages to the site of 256 characters (compared to Twitter’s 140). Conversations and hashtags work the same way. However, AdN primarily operates on a subscription model, charging US $36/yr or $5/mo for the paid accounts. There are free accounts available, but those can only follow 40 other accounts.

It was emphasized that users should see no change in the service, and that plans are to keep the service in its current state and active for as long as possible.

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This is only sort of sad to me, I adore AdN and I love the community and the conversations over there. Just like any social network, it’s what you make of it, following and interacting with other people makes the difference. I’m not one of the people who think this is the end, I actually think it’s good for the service that they are thinking ahead and doing what they can to ensure it stays around, even if it doesn’t have any official employees right now. Huge decisions like this are never easy, I wish the founders all the best.

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