Apple Adds Duplicate Finding with iTunes 11.0.1

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iTunes 11At long last, Apple has added the ability to find duplicate songs in iTunes with the release of iTunes 11.0.1. The update also fixes an issue with iTunes Match and makes iTunes more responsive when searching large libraries.

Apple's patch notes:

This update to the new iTunes addresses an issue where new purchases in iCloud may not appear in your library if iTunes Match is turned on, makes iTunes more responsive when searching a large library, fixes a problem where the AirPlay button may not appear as expected, and adds the ability to display duplicate items within your library.

iTunes 11.0.1 is showing up in the Mac App Store, but with the patch notes for version 11.0. You can, however, update to version 11.0.1 using that mechanism.

The above notes came from Apple's Downloads site. The download link on that page takes you to the main iTunes download page, where were able to successfully download a standalone installer for version 11.0.1.

If you click through to the KnowledgeBase article from the Downloads site, you will (currently) be taken to the patch notes for version 11.0. This will likely be fixed Soon™, but users can get the update with the two methods noted above.

Note that iTunes for Windows 64 was also updated to version 11.0.1 with the same patch notes. Windows users can find the update through the Apple Updater utility in Safari or iTunes, or use the main iTunes download page.



Has anyone else noticed how slow 11.01 is when trying to edit song/video info is ?

I was just tidying up some recent additions to my iTunes library

Or is it just me ?

(On a Mac OS 10.7.5, Mac Pro Early ‘09)


I might have to retract my previous comment.

Now iTunes 11.01 is feeling more responsive…

Go figure?


As someone who just ran into the iTunes Match/iCloud issue the night before this update came out, this was badly needed.  I bought 2 songs on Wed. night and much to my surprise, even though I saw them show up on iTunes download widget, they were not in my library when they were finished.  And neither were a couple other songs I had bought earlier in the week.

I’m starting to get pessimistic about Apple’s iCloud.  I’ve read stories of other people having issues with it but it’s been seamless for me except for the fact there’s no easy way to share stuff across multiple iCloud accounts within the same family.  Then came this iTunes issue and at the same time I noticed that since I’ve installed iTunes 11 the last played date is not syncing across iCloud anymore and possibly not play counts either.  As someone who does most of their music listening at work through their iPhone, this is terrible and a fairly basic feature that I can’t believe Apple is having problems with.

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