Apple Adds Hiayan Typhoon Relief Page to iTunes Store

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Apple is doing its part to help with Red Cross relief for victims of the Haiyan typhoon in the Philippines by adding a donation page to the iTunes Store. Just like previous Red Cross donation efforts Apple has participated, the company is making it easy to donate as little as US$5 and up to $200.

Apple's Red Cross donation page at the iTunes StoreApple's Red Cross donation page at the iTunes Store

They Haiyan typhoon is one of the most powerful storms on record and has already caused over 10,000 deaths. Along with the horrific death count, the typhoon is also responsible for extensive property and infrastructure damage.

Your donations will appear as charges on your iTunes account, just like music, movies, and apps. Unlike other iTunes and App Store purchases, however, Apple isn't taking its usual 30 percent cut and is passing on the total donation amount to the Red Cross.

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Typhoon Haiyan left a horrible trail of death and destruction in its wake, so its great to see companies like Apple helping get funds to the Red Cross to help with the relief and recovery efforts.

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Apple also has a link to the iTunes page prominently displayed on the Home page of Good for them. They’ve been doing such since 9/11.

Lee Dronick

I visited Tacloban in the mid ‘70s, and other cities in the Central Visayans. It was a very enjoyable and memorable trip, my heart goes out to those people.

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