Apple Adds Sleep Expert to Growing List of Wearable Experts

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Apple has added yet another expert to its ever-expanding ranks of experts in wearables, sensors, health, and fitness. The company hired Roy J.E.M Raymann, an expert in sleep research who was formerly a senior scientist at Philips Research and a member of the Dutch Society for Sleep-Wake Research.

According to 9to5Mac's Jordan Kahn, Mr. Raymann founded the Philips Sleep Experience Laboratory, a non-clinical sleep research facility. He also worked on unspecified research projects dealing with sleep monitoring and activity monitoring, and he worked with Philips's Lifestyle Sleep Research Program and another group called Brain, Body, and Behavior.


TMO Artist's Vague Idea of Sleep Science

Mr. Raymann left Philips as of January 1st, though we don't know when he started at Apple. Other hires who recently been ferreted out include Michael O'Reilly, MD, formerly the Chief Medical Officer of Masimo Corporation; Jay Blahnik of Nike; Javi Narasimhan, who served as vice president of research at Vital Connect; Nancy Dougherty who was in charge of hardware at the transdermal medicine delivery company Sano; Ueyn Block, who was director of optics and systems engineering at C8 MediSensors; and, Todd Whitehurst who worked at Senseonics as vice president of product development.

That's quite the arsenal of high end bad assess, and that's just some of the people we know about. There's also Ben Shaffer, the shoe guy from Nike, and the fashion guy from Yves St Laurent named Paul Deneve, and who knows how many folks whose hiring has remained under the radar.

And all the while, Apple CEO Tim Cook has made it clear (using Cook Code™) that his company has its eyes on the wrist. In May of 2013, Mr. Cook told the D conference, "I'm interested in a great product. I wear glasses because I have to. I don't know a lot of people who wear them because they don't have to. I think from a mainstream point of view, glasses are risky. To convince people they have to wear something, it has to be incredible."

Apple's hires in this area represent a significant capital investment, for the segment if not for Apple's absurdly huge cash hoard, and the focus on health, fitness, sleep, and activity suggests the company wants to make a serious impact with whatever it's making.

I, for one, can't wait to find out what it is.

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One must also consider alternative hypotheses. Other reasons for hiring Roy Raymann might include:

1) Tim Cook and other senior execs at Apple are suffering from insomnia, no doubt related to anxiety over what analysts, pundits and the Street think about Apple

2) Apple are working on a secret, stealth sleep ray (sort of like a death ray, except that it puts you to sleep rather than six feet under), which they intend to deploy against copycat competitors (think Picard recently rescued from the Borg and telling Data to issue the command ‘Sleep’ against their Borg nemesis). Samsung should stock up on caffeine and amphetamines.

3) Apple are working on a secret, stealth sleep ray to fire upon the NSA and other spook agencies the next time they request data on Apple clients, putting them to sleep. Indefinitely.

4) Apple intend to make smart pyjamas that can put you to sleep and wake you up when you’ve acquired sufficient REM sleep.

5) This is all a cunning plan to misdirect the competition, who will hire their own sleepwear toaster fridges, like MS sleep-jogging shorts that allows you to sleep while jogging (not advised for urban residents who live near traffic); or the Samsung sleep suit that allows you to put yourself and co-suit wearers to sleep merely by touching them. Great for the office.

So much for alternative hypothesis generation and idle speculation.

No, like you, I think this lineup of talent and array of discipline is a harbinger of something wonderful, to not simply dazzle and amaze, but heighten the quality of human life.

Bryan Chaffin

Funny, wab95. I like #4 the most. smile


wab95: Apple intend to make smart pyjamas that can put you to sleep and wake you up when you’ve acquired sufficient REM sleep.

My folks used to say “Ain’t that the cat’s pajamas?”

Is that what they meant?

‘Cause cats seem to be able to sleep whenever/wherever they want. Which leads to this question about Tim Cook…

Is TC “Top Cat?”

Heavens to Murgatroid!



That must be it; Apple’s new wearable device will literally be the cat’s pyjamas.

Whatever it is, it’s likely to send the industry reeling, no less than did Apple’s adoption of 64-bit architecture for their ultra-portable/mobile line, as competitors scramble to redirect their headings.

Nice take on TC. Too Cool!

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