Apple Adds Spirometry Data Type to HealthKit in iOS 8 Beta 5

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​Apple released iOS 8 Beta 5 on Monday. The new developer seed includes a host of fixes across the board in iOS 8, including developer APIs and user features.

iOS 8

iOS 8

Some specifics:

HealthKit - Apple has added a data type for HealthKit for spirometry, which is the measurement of lung capacity. That's not to say that Apple is going to include a spirometer in an iOS device—the inclusion of a data type simply means that HealthKit will know what to do with that data should be it be sent to an iOS device.

Metal and OpenCL - Apple is continuing to hone Metal, the company's technology for GPU-accelerated advanced 3D graphics rendering and data-parallel computation workloads. Beta 5 includes a workaround for developers encountering trouble with shadow samplers.

Notification Center - API-related issues with widgetPerformUpdateWithCompletionHandler.

HomeKit - Apple informed developers they have to reset their home configuration.

Various - There are various other bug fixes that indicate progress in CarPlay, Backup and Restore, AVCapture, Contacts, Document Providers, and more.

The new release is a developer seed only for registered developers, and is not available in Apple's public beta program.

iOS 8 is expected to be released this fall.

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ciro gutenberg

There’s also a new beta of Swift, the brand new programming language…. Just downloaded and did some tests and on some things speed increase is amazing !



Adding the capacity to measure incentive spirometry data in iOS 8 is huge. This continues, by all accounts to date, to put this OS head and shoulders above the competition.

Reactive airways disease, asthma and other reversible and non-reversible lower airway obstructive diseases are leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide, including in the affluent West. Literally millions of dollars are spent in direct and indirect costs amongst parents of young children with reversible lower airway obstructive illnesses alone, simply having to access health services in emergency departments in the West, often because they lack the means and knowledge of how to better manage these themselves.

Not only that, longterm prognosis of healthy lung function is dependent upon adequate and timely management of the disease, specifically controlling its inflammatory phase, which exacts a heavy toll on long term functional lung capacity if inadequately controlled. Controlling it requires regular and sensitive monitoring even simple spirometric indicators, such as peak flow. Parents who’ve been taught to do this can then know when they need to step up their child’s management at home, or take them in for professional management.

The impact of this capacity on child health alone, not to mention health economic indicators such as DALYs and YOL cannot be overstated. This could usher in a major shift in better health for the next generation. It goes without saying, it would also cement Apple’s status as a partner in clinical and public health. Not bad, for a dead company.

Bryan Chaffin

wab95, you are, as ever, a font of both wisdom and knowledge. Thanks for the info!

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