Apple Announces New 7th Generation iPod nano

Apple’s Greg Joswiak introduced an all-new iPod nano at Apple’s media event today. The seventh-generation of the popular music player features a multitouch display and Apple’s new “Lightning” interface.

iPod Nano

At 5.8 mm thick, it is the thinnest iPod nano ever. Physical buttons on the side of the device control playback, and a 2.5-inch multi-touch display allows for a greater variety of applications and control.

iPod nano Seventh Generation

The nano also features its unique integrated FM tuner with live pause and recording, and can play back widescreen video.

For fitness buffs, Nike Fitness and a pedometer are built directly into the device.

iPod Nano

The nano for the first time also includes Bluetooth, allowing users to connect to a plethora of wireless speakers and headphones.

The iPod nano is available in seven colors (grey, black, pink, green, blue, yellow, and red). It will be available in a single 16 GB capacity for US$149 in October.