Apple Looks for More Efficient LED Displays with LuxVue Purchase

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Apple may have plans to develop its own display technology because it recently bought the micro-LED design company LuxVue. The company's low energy micro-LEDs could help Apple squeeze more life out of the batteries in its iPhone and iPad line, and could lead to even thinner mobile devices, too.

Apple buys micro-LED company LuxVueApple buys micro-LED company LuxVue

When asked about buying the company, Apple told TechCrunch, "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans." That being the standard response Apple gives when asked about its acquisitions.

LuxVue filed for a handful of related patents last year, and the company's technology has been called "a technical breakthrough in displays."

Apple isn't saying exactly what it has planned for LuxVue, but it's a safe bet we'll be seeing the company's technology showing up in future iPhones and iPads, and possibly in the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lineup, too.

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Apple loves controlling the tech in its products, and considering how important displays are, it isn't any surprise that's something they'd want to take over, too. Better displays that use less power sounds like a big win for the iPhone and iPad.

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This pops to mind:

Apple: We want exclusive use of your technology.
LuxVue: The only way that happens is if you buy the company. For X millions.
Apple: If we can agree on terms, that can be arranged.



I wonder what’s ever become of liquid metal? Seemed like a promising purchase but other than using it to make the custom pin to open the sim door on iPhones, I haven’t noticed anything else done with it.

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