Apple Buys Semetric to Boost its Streaming Music Plans

Apple has purchased the online music analytics company Semetric as part of its plan to boost its Beats streaming music service. Semetric's services will help Apple better track interest in artists and songs, which could come in handy for managing advertising as well as streaming data and song sales.

Apple buys into music analytics with Semetrics purchaseApple buys into music analytics with Semetrics purchase

News of the purchase comes courtesy of insider sources, according to Music Ally, in what looks to be a US$50 million deal. Neither company is offering up any details or official confirmation, although Apple did offer up its usual "Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plan" response.

Semtric did, however, offer up some information that help back up the purchase news. The company has changed its registered address to 100 New Bridge Street in London, which happens to be the same address for Apple Europe Limited. The company also appointed Apple's vice president of corporate law Gene Levoff as a new director.

The deal will likely help the Beats Music service better compete with Spotify, although Apple could have some issues getting some of the data Semetric currently offers. Spotify currently feeds streaming music data to the company, and it won't likely want that information making its way into Apple's hands.

Apple hasn't said yet exactly what it has in store for Beats Music. Apple purchased Beats in 2014 and has continued to offer the company's streaming music service and sells Beats headphones and speakers in its own stores.

Regardless of just how Apple plans to position Beats Music, it's clear the iPhne and iPad maker wants to know more about our music listening habits, and that's exactly what Semetric can give it.