Apple Buys UK Voice Recognition Company Novauris

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has made another corporate purchase, a UK voice recognition firm called Novauris. Bloomberg reported the acquisition, and Apple confirmed it without specifying terms or the purpose to which it will put Novauris.

Apple Buys Novauris

Nom nom nom nom

"Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans," an Apple spokesperson said. This is the company's boilerplate response it uses for corporate acquisitions.

Novauris bills itself as a "speech access company," saying, "Novauris believes that voice will become the interface of choice for consumer applications of all types. Users should be able to ask for information quickly, easily and directly without needing an enrollment process or complicated and time-consuming dialogues."

The company says that its technology allows people to easily "search and access" information by voice. This makes Novauris a good fit for Apple, which is building Siri to be the interface of the future.

Apple's modus operandi for corporate acquisitions is to buy small companies for a few hundred million dollars or less, and then integrate that company's technology and/or personnel into Apple's existing corporate infrastructure, projects, and products.

Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple has dramatically stepped up its acquisitions, buying up some 15 companies in fiscal 2013 alone. In prior years, Apple has been much less aggressive, buying only a few companies per year.

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I've long seen Siri as Apple's slow motion leapfrog of existing computing paradigms, and I expect the service to grow and to morph into something that does far, far more than it does today. Acquisitions like this one will play a big role in helping Apple advance that agenda, and I expect to see more in the relatively near future.

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I’ve already given up with Siri. it’s more trouble than it’s worth. And I don’t have time to wait for it to morph into something better. It’s another iTunes Match. Reads well; works lousy.

Christian Meermann

I think Apple should remember its vision from 1987 and develop Siri accordingly:

And really, the components are already there: Apple should buy DEVONTechnologies and its AI search technology to beef up Spotlight, then it should add Siri to the Mac and combine it with Spotlight. Boom, you’re there. Increase the accuracy of speech recognition and add a cool UI - Boom, you’re there.

I think this would be very cool.


Siri is a daily part of my day. I use it to make reminders, map out directions, and look up stuff on the internet. I think it works well, but would like more third party integration.

Lee Dronick

Yes I am using and appreciating Siri. I still get into an occasional argument with her about what I said and meant, but I find that for the most part things work.

“What can I help you with?”


“What app would you like me to open?”


“I can not find an app named Scanner.”

You found it yesterday.

“If you say so.”

I do say so because it is true.

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