Apple Considers Former White House Press Secretary for PR Boss [Update]

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Former Obama administration Press Secretary Jay Carney is reportedly in the running to become Apple's next PR boss, replacing Katie Cotton. Apple announced her planned departure in May, but as of yet hasn't said when she's leaving or who will take her place.

Apple said to be considering Jay Carney to replace Katie CottonApple said to be considering Jay Carney to replace Katie Cotton

Mr. Carney has also caught the interest of Uber for their PR efforts, too, according to Re/Code.

Mr. Carrey served as President Obama's White House Press Secretary from February 2011 until June 2014. Prior to that, he worked as Director of Communications for Vice President Joe Biden, and Time Magazine's Miami Bureau chief.

Apple's PR division is known for its tight control over information and strong efforts to control the message media receives about the company, although that may be changing. Reports claim Apple is looking to reshape its PR department into something that's more approachable and open.

Apple isn't talking about its PR boss job hunt, so there isn't any official word on when Ms. Cotton will be replaced.

Update: The Loop's Jim Dalrymple gives Re/Code's report a big, fat "nope," which is pretty much as good as coming right from Apple. Jim says Apple CEO Tim Cook hasn't ever even met Mr. Carney.

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Jay Carney has media experience with Time Magazine and has spent time in the trenches handling public relations for the President. Those are pretty big bullet points for an Apple PR boss resume.


Rogifan 1

This would be a horrible hire and a PR nightmare for Apple. White House press secretaries are basically political hacks. Surely Apple can do better than that.


And I thought Apple had ethics ?? Its too early for April’s Fools day. Carney willingly & publicly participated in Obama’s administration’s scheme & artifice to lie, coverup, & mislead the country on the president’s actions & policies.  For a company like Apple to even consider such a person for a “trusted” position is insane and anyone that believes the result will be “more approachable and open” Apple needs to get in touch with reality.


Hey, don’t get so excited. At least Carney would suffer the fate of all other Apple press people: He would never be heard from again. If your a press person, you know what I mean.

Besides, it’s just a rumor.


I’ll give Carney this much; he often looked uncomfortable as he uttered the administrations half-truths and lies. It would be a poor hire for Apple. Go find someone who is qualified while not carrying around such shady baggage.

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