Apple Continues to Push Personal Empowerment with new iPhone Ad

Apple rolled out a new commercial over the weekend that continues with the idea that the iPhone 5S is an empowering tool in our daily lives. The new ad, called Parenthood, shows families using their iPhones to learn, stay in touch, control their homes, and more.

Apple's Parenthood ad shows the iPhone as a personal empowerment toolApple's Parenthood ad shows the iPhone as a personal empowerment tool

Just like Apple's other iPhone 5S ads, Parenthood highlights several apps that are bundled with the smartphone and from other developers. Instead of making viewers guess which apps are shown, Apple is including the list as part of its Web page for the new commercial.

Apple doesn't focus on hardware specifications with its ads and instead targets our emotions. It's an effective tool for showing just how every day people are enhancing their lives by choosing iPhone over competing Android-based smartphones.

The ad is showing on television now, as well as on the Apple website and the company's YouTube channel.