Apple Customers Push Cider-Selling 'Apple Shop' to Change Name

It's been selling cider for 20 years, and Apple Inc. hasn't exerted an iota of pressure, but The Apple Shop in Hoveton England )as noted in the comments below) is changing its name. Why, you ask? Turns out an all-day flood of Apple customers looking for help with their iMacs and their iPads and their iPhones got to be too much.

The Apple Shop

The Apple Shop in Norfolk, England
Source: The Apple Shop

Apple Shop owner Geoff Fisher cruised along selling cider for many years and more, but when Apple opened up an Apple Store in nearby Norwich, some customers looking for the Apple Store wound up calling the Apple Shop instead.

"I've had complaints about broken iPods and dropped iPads and Apple Macs," Mr. Fisher told the BBC. "It can be very funny, but some people are very rude and they slam the phone down."

The cider-seller said that his favorite caller was an elderly gentleman whose first words were, "I've been very silly." When asked how, the man said, "I'm 87, and I've gone and bought an Apple Mac and I don't know how to use it."

Mr Fisher's advice was to give it to his grandchildren. We don't know what the other Apple had to say, but hopefully he got some instruction on how to use his Mac.

After three years of getting all these calls, some of which were rude, Mr. Fisher decided to change the name of his store to The Norfolk Cider Shop. The change goes into effect March 31st, 2013, which is Easter.

Mr. Fisher stressed that Apple Inc. wasn't behind the name change, and he told the BBC that he had "a lot of respect" for the company. In the end, however, it was Apple's customers that became too much to handle.

[Via CNet]