Apple: Duplicate Checking Returning to iTunes

Apple dropped the ability to check for duplicate tracks with the release of iTunes 11, but that change is only temporary. The company said duplicate track searching is coming back in an app update, but didn't say how long users will have to wait before seeing the handy feature return.

iTunes 11: You can have duplicate searches, but not Cover FlowiTunes 11: You can have duplicate searches, but not Cover Flow

Apple promised iTunes 11 by the end of November and delivered just two days before December. The new version of the media organization and playback app for the Mac gained a redesigned interface inspired from the company's iOS apps, but lost features like the ability to find duplicate songs in your library, and Cover Flow view.

iTunes 11 users won't be seeing the return of Cover Flow, according to AllThingsD, because it wasn't being used. Duplicate track searches, however, will come back as part of a minor update, but there wasn't any reason given as to why the feature was dropped.

The new version of iTunes sports a new iTunes Store interface, the ability to play purchased content via iCloud, an Up Next feature for managing and viewing music playback track order, a new MiniPlayer for controlling iTunes with a smaller interface, and more.

iTunes 11 is free for Mac OS X and Windows, and is available via the Software Update app or as a downloadable installer at the Apple website.