Apple Employee Arrested in $1M Apple Gift Card Scam

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Apple Store employee Ruben Profit scammed his way into about US$1 million in Apple gift cards and now is facing the wrath of New York's legal system and his employer. Police reports say he used fraudulent Visa and American Express gift, debit and pre-paid cards to buy the Apple gift cards at the Elmhurst Mall store in 2014.

Stealing $1 million in Apple gift cards doesn't end wellStealing $1 million in Apple gift cards doesn't end well

Mr. Profit started working for Apple in December 2013, according to NBC News in New York. He used the re-coded Visa and American Express cards to buy $997,000 worth of Apple gift cards between August and October.

When Apple began seeing fraudulent transaction charge-backs for its gift cards an investigation was launched, leading to Mr. Profit's arrest. He had 51 fraudulent Visa and Amex gift cards, plus Apple gift cards worth $2,000 in his possession.

Mr. Profit told authorities another party paid him $200 for $2,000 worth of gift cards, which means he wasn't working alone and he certainly wasn't the mastermind. Authorities will likely try to use Mr. Profit to get at his co-conspirator.

Authorities are holding Mr. Profit on $20,000 bail and he could spend 15 years in prison of convicted.

The takeaways Mr. Profit hopefully picked up are that if a crime seems perfect there's something you overlooked, and that scamming your own employer out of $1 million is a really bad idea.

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Crime is always a bad idea, especially when you're the little guy working your own employer for someone else.

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Ruben Profit. Funny. Mr. ‘Profit’ sure was profiting from his endeavor!! But not as much as the mastermind, who was probably smart enough to distance himself from Mr. Profit. But, the mastermind had better be selling those cards, as I’m sure Apple can track down the cards associated with the fraudulent cards…


The perpetrator’s alias was essential Rob ‘n Profit? I’d be surprised if that was his real name. Apple may have to be more diligent in checking backgrounds when hiring.

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