Apple Experiments with iPhone, Apple Watch Bundle Pricing

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If you're planning on buying a new iPhone and an Apple Watch soon, some Apple retail stores will give you a US$50 discount for picking them up at the same time. The deal is available when you buy an Apple Watch Sport or stainless steel Apple Watch with an iPhone, and the offer ends on November 15th, 2015.

Apple experiments with iPhone and Apple Watch discount bundleApple experiments with iPhone and Apple Watch discount bundle

Apple is offering the promotional deal at its Burlingame, Chestnut Street, Corte Madera, Hillsdale, San Francisco and Stonestown in the Bay Area, and Boylston Street, Burlington, CambridgeSide and Chestnut Hill. That means you'll have to be in California or Massachusetts when you make your purchase, and the bundle price isn't available through the company's online store.

The deal is most likely a trial program to see how sales are impacted when the iPhone and Apple Watch are sold together, and not an indicator that Apple Watch isn't selling. Apple CEO Tim Cook took time during the company's fourth quarter earnings report to say Apple Watch is helping drive company revenue, although actual sales figures aren't shared with the public or investors.

Apple Watch is an iPhone accessory, so offering a deal where shoppers can get a little discount when buying the two together seems like a reasonable thing to try out. If you want to be part of Apple's experiment, you better hurry because the deal runs for only two weeks.

[Thanks to MacRumors for the heads up]

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If Apple Watch sales were tanking, a $50 discount at a handfull of stores when also buying an iPhone isn't going to make a difference. This is Apple experimenting to see how customers react to Apple Watch presented as an iPhone accessory, which is exactly what it is.

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and not an indicator that Apple Watch isn’t selling.

But over on MacRumors the comments are heavily toward the “Apple Watch is a failure”, “The first post Steve Jobs product is tanking”, “I told you it wouldn’t work”, “Tim Cook will be fired because of this”, “Watch the stock drop by 30%” . It’s been really funny to read.

Lee Dronick

I suspect that if this goes well then there will be a similar bundle deal on Black Friday if not all the way through the holiday shopping season.

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