Apple's Rumor Mill: Spinning Out of Control

Apple rumours have become almost beyond parody, an industry in themselves with websites, twitterfeeds and column inches dedicated to digging them up and dishing them out.

This obsession, and it is an obsession, with the latest thing off the production line could be contributing to the difficult times Apple seems to be having. As fans and consumers we demand new, now, instead of giving Apple the time to innovate.

Apple fans love to chase the rumorsApple fans love to chase the rumors

For a while the company has not really and truly come up with something original and distinctive. We have not had another iPod moment for what seems like an eternity, with Apple CEO Tim Cook and company focussing on solidifying and upgrading up the current product line.

It also means there is a huge number of products that One Infinite Loop has rushed out unfinished and seriously undercooked. iPhone's that fail to make calls when you touch them anyone?

More fundamentally, while the MacBooks and iMacs still sell well, they have not seen a real overhaul in years. The days of candy-coloured carry cases seem long gone.

On the software side the problem is even worse. iCloud is horrible, and Maps still lags behind its competitors, while the fundamentals of iOS haven't really been souped up since its inception.

Is there a case where Apple has actually achieved perfection? Is all that is required for Steve Jobs's legacy is that things simply be polished, tweaked and maintained? I don't think so.

As Samsung, HP and others try and do Apple-like products for cheap, it has never been more important for the company to raise its game, because at the moment the exciting noises are coming out of Google and Amazon.

Google is pushing ahead with Glass, a product that has the potential to be revolutionary despite my personal reservations, and along with Amazon is really taking command of cloud computing. Meanwhile syncing between an iPad and laptop is still torturous.

Us consumers and commentators do need to shoulder some blame, though. Our Apple ADD has led to a vicious cycle where we just demand something new every few months in order to keep our attention.

While we can get excited by an iPhone 5S, iPad mini or iOS 6.1.5 and have our need for new temporarily satisfied, it means that consumers don't actually end up with game changing products. Writers may have something new to review for a few days, but the world hardly stops spinning because Apple pushes out a new update.

The truth is by demanding more we are actually getting a lot less, as our lack of patience forces Apple to think short term in order to keep profits ticking over and make customers happy, instead of having the time to develop new era defining products.

Apple is one of the most innovative companies the world has ever known. Even in the post-Jobs era, Apple has one of the most talented leadership teams around. Tim Cook, Jonathan Ives and company have the ability to really shake things up again if we just suppress our Apple ADD and let them to get on with it.