Apple Finally Updates iWork, Adds Collaboration and 64-bit Support

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Apple's long in the tooth iWork productivity suite got a welcome update on Tuesday during the company's special media event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. The update is a rewrite for the Mac and iOS versions of Numbers, Keynote, and Pages and includes big interface improvements and 64-bit support.

Apple updates Pages, Keynote and Numbers with 64-bit supportApple updates Pages, Keynote and Numbers with 64-bit support

The new version of the Numbers spreadsheet app includes interactive charts, and the new version of Keynote sports new effects and animations. The new version of Pages supports real-time collaborative editing, a more efficient tool bar, and better contextual side panels.

Documents are fully cross-compatible with the native Mac and iOS versions, as well as iWork in iCloud, which means PC users can work with the same documents.

Like the new iLife apps, the updated iWork apps are free with the purchase of a new Mac or iOS device and are available today.

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iWork’s free with a new iPad. Isn’t that like a cut in price to the new iPads?

M. Ballmer must be aghast.


Still no HyperCard for iOS?


I loved working with HyperCard.

Paul Goodwin

Pages and Numbers was kind of a pain to use on an iPad. Hopefully the new one makes it easier to work within the apps. With the limited input keyboard, some stuff is tricky.

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