Apple Fires Up iPhone 4 Production Again for India, Brazil

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Apple is bringing back the iPhone 4 as a low cost option for customers in India, Brazil, and Indonesia. The company decided to start selling the older model in those markets to hit a more affordable price point, and it marks the first time Apple has restarted production of a discontinued product.

News of the plan came courtesy of three unnamed executives speaking with The Economic Times. Apple is aiming to regain lost marketshare that's going to Samsung and other smartphone competitors.

Apple turns to iPhone 4 to boost India, Brazil salesApple turns to iPhone 4 to boost India, Brazil sales

The iPhone 4 was a top seller in India and retailers think it will be again once they get it back on store shelves. The Mobile Store CEO Himanshu Chakrawarti said, "It would now require some promotion from Apple and can potentially become one of our top-selling models like before."

Apple's current iPhone lineup includes the iPhone 5S as the top of the line model, the iPhone 5C as the midrange model, and the iPhone 4S and the low cost model. The 4S is, however, still too expensive for many Indian, Brazilian, and Indonesian customers. In India, the iPhone 4S costs Rs 26,500, while the iPhone 4 will sell at Rs 20,000 - a much more affordable price point.

iPhone 4 inventory is already making it into stores. Now it's up to Apple and retailers to convince consumers to buy a smartphone that's several models old and has been discontinued throughout the rest of the world.

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Bringing back the iPhone 4 shows just how important India is for Apple. Ot may be an older model, but local retailers and Apple thing it can still be a big seller. If so, it'll help the company win back marketshare it's losing to Samsung's low cost smartphones.

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John Dingler, artist

Oh my! A blunder with the iPhone C in India, and now perhaps a doubling down on that blunder by a reversion via a repudiation of the C.

My comfort is that even Steve Jobs blundered, so, Cook is like Jobs, an occasional blunderer, an MO which Jobs told him not to employ, and instead to be himself, to be Tim Cook. *tongue in cheek*

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