Apple Fixes Music Library DRM Issue in iTunes 12.2.1 Update

iTunes users who were surprised to find some of their personal music incorrectly tagged with DRM copy protection can breathe a sigh of relief because iTunes 12.2.1 is out, and it fixes the problem. The issue cropped up for some iTunes Match users after signing up for Apple Music and helped feed into the confusion over whether or not Apple was adding copy protection to all of the music in our personal libraries.

Apple fixes Apple Music DRM issue, iTunes munged library meta data still a problemApple fixes Apple Music DRM issue, iTunes munged library meta data still a problem

According to Apple's release notes, the 12.2.1 update:

  • Fixes an issue for iTunes Match users where iTunes incorrectly changed some songs from Match to Apple Music.
  • Provides a way to correct a library problem affecting former iTunes Match subscribers.
  • Includes minor bug fixes and improvements for Beats 1.

A problem where iCloud Music Library metadata gets scrambled so the wrong album art and track information gets assigned to songs still, however, hasn't been addressed. The fix for that problem still seems to be limited to restoring your entire music library, or in some cases restoring your iTunes ITL file from a backup—assuming you have one.

The iTunes 12.2.1 update is free and available via Software update, or as a download from Apple's iTunes website.