Apple Fixes 'Potentially Life Threatening' Australian Maps Problem

Apple has fixed an error in the Australian version of its Maps service for iOS that Aussie police had warned was "potentially life threatening." Apple updated Maps with the proper location of a town called Mildura after reports of the problem spread on Monday, according to The Guardian (UK).

You are here, no really!

You are here, no really!

Apple Maps has been criticized for problems since its release, with users finding navigation problems, landmark mistakes, and other issues in the service. Those criticisms prompted CEO Tim Cook to apologize for the problems and contributed to a major reorganization of Apple's top executives and the ouster of former iOS chief Scott Forstall.

Apple has been busily improving the service since then, but on Monday a far more dangerous mistake came to light. Australian police said that they had rescued four different parties who had been stranded in Murray-Sunset National Park, which is hot bush country without food or water, following Apple Maps directions to the city of Mildura. Apple Maps was showing the town 70 kilometers (45 miles) from where it actually is.

So concerned were they, Mildura police issued a statement urging, "motorists to be careful when relying on [Apple Maps]." That problem is now fixed, but the hit to Apple Maps' reputation has already been made.

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