Apple Goes for Inspiration with New iPad Ad

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Apple's latest iPad commercial aired over the weekend asking "what will your verse be?" The ad shows people using their iPads in a wide of tasks while quoting from the American poet Walt Whitman, asking watchers how they'll use their iPads to contribute a verse to the powerful play of life.

Apple's Apple's "What will your verse be" iPad ad

The commercial shows iPads playing parts in music and dance, scientific research, underwater exploration, sports, and more.

Apple also has a new "What will your verse be" page on its iPad website highlighting inspirational uses for the tablet device. The page details stories about marine biology research, Bollywood film production, education in remote areas, medical research, and soon will include how a couple uses their iPad to help summit the world's tallest mountains.

The ongoing theme behind Apple's iPad commercials has been to show how the tablets a part of our lives instead of simply a collection of components and specifications. It's reminiscent of the iconic 1997 "Here's to the Crazy Ones" commercial, although instead of feeling more like an inspirational tribute, "What will your verse be" comes across more as a call to action.

As always, Apple's ads are all about the emotional tie to their products and not about hardware components. Maybe Apple should've called the new iPad commercial "Here's to the Crazy Ones, Part 2."

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Regardless of whether or not Apple intended it, "What will your verse be" and "Here's to the Crazy Ones" are going to be compared as a set. It's all about inspiration and emotion, and regardless of whether or not people like the new ad, that's exactly what it goes for.

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Before I saw it, I was going to say that it’s hard to be compared to the “Crazy One’s” ad, one of the best commercials ever in my opinion. However, this is close. Time will decide if it stands with the other ad. Very nice work from Apple. It just proves the point again that none of the other tablet makers really get how to advertise.

Lee Dronick

Damn that was great!


The Apple tradition of great voiceovers continues.


Concur with Lee.

The ‘Crazy Ones’ was the first stanza and this was the second. The first was about people who inspire us because they dared to be different. The second is about all of us, each of whom have creative potential that but needs to be unleashed and expressed in that stream that is the poetry of life.

Apple’s adverts, like their iPads, are in a league of their own.


I may have missed it (tired old eyes), but do we know who did the VO?



John, in his column, says it’s Robin Williams.


Thanks, wab95. I thought it was some old recording from like the 1940s. I never would have guessed Robin Williams. Never.

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