Apple, Google Eyeing Home Automation Company Purchase

Apple, Google and Microsoft are apparently all in closed-doors discussions to potentially purchase R2 Studios, a company that designs home automation and media gear. R2 Studios' first and only product on the market is an Android-based app for wirelessly controlling heating and lighting systems, and the company also holds some interface and electronic device patents.

Apple may be negotiating to buy R2 StudiosApple may be negotiating to buy R2 Studios

R2 Studios opened its doors in May 2011, and was started by Sling Media founder Blake Krikorian. Sling Media is known for its popular Slingbox media players.

Word of the negotiations comes courtesy of unnamed sources that are close to the company, according to the Wall Street Journal. Terms of the potential deals haven't been revealed yet.

Assuming R2 Studios is in independent talks with Apple, Google and Microsoft, the companies are likely seeing home automation as the next market they all want to dominate, although so far Apple hasn't made any agressive moves in that direction. With Apple's slow march into our living rooms through home entertainment and the Apple TV, however, it's possible the company wants its name attached to the devices that control the rest of our homes, too.

Apple, Google and Microsoft have not commented on the alleged discussions.