Apple Hires Former EPA Boss for Environmental Responsibility

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Lisa Jackson, who previously managed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under President Obama, has a new job answering to CEO Tim Cook at Apple. Mr. Cook made the announcement during an interview at the AllThingsD D11 Conference Tuesday evening.

In response to a question about whether or not he feels like Apple is being targeted, Mr. Cook responded,

When you get larger, you get more attention. It comes with the territory. We're doing incredible work in the environment, for example. We've been focused on that for a long time; eliminated toxins from all of our products, running data centers on 100 percent renewable energy, largest solar farm of any non-utility. Lisa Jackson is joining Apple. She recently left the EPA and will be coordinating efforts across the company. She'll be reporting to me.

Lisa Jackson moves from the EPA to AppleMs. Jackson was behind government efforts to add new pollutants to the Clean Air Act and make stricter smog control laws, although she was met with strong political resistance. She eventually stepped down from her job in late 2012 and has been fairly low key ever since.

Mr. Cook also shared his thoughts on Google Glass, wearable technology, buying up companies, and opening up more of the iPhone to third-party developers during the D11 interview.

Apple has been proactively working to improve its environmental impact through efforts such as reducing the toxic chemicals used in iPhone, iPad and Mac productions, and moving its facilities to alternative power sources such as solar.

Mr. Cook added, "She'll fit right in."

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A great move by Apple, and potentially model behavior for corporations in America, or anywhere.  But it is receiving a lot less attention from mainstream media than any story featuring “Apple’s [something]...Receives Criticism.”

Lee Dronick

  But it is receiving a lot less attention from mainstream media than any story featuring “Apple’s [something]...Receives Criticism.”

How about this, Pollution is so bad at Apple that they had to hire the former Head of the EPA to clean up the mess



Lee, sadly, that may well appear soon, illustrating the dreadful level of journalism in the US.  I wonder, though, if negative (headline or content) stories get more readers than positive ones.

I do know some positive outlook folks who avoid negative sources, including people, newspapers, TV news. etc. Unfortunately, too much news reporting is, by and large, negative. And it seems that often, a balanced, fairly reported story is saddled, beyond the writer’s control, by a negative headline.

Lee Dronick

Apple users generally ignorant of current events outside of their walled garden!

We could have fun with this.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

I hate that these turds turn around and find cushy private sector jobs when they’re done lording over us. Maybe Apple can hire outgoing Los Angeles mayor Tony Villar. He can’t seem to find any higher level government work (PTL and pass the ammunition), and according to friends, only needs about $750K a year to maintain his lifestyle. He’s a real bargain at that price!

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