Apple, HTC Settlement Details Shared by Samsung

Details of Apple and HTC's patent infringement settlement are out thanks to Samsung, but anyone hoping to see the finer points of the agreement will be disappointed since most of the content in the 140 page document is redacted. It does, however, show that the companies agreed to nonexclusive and nontransferable licensing of each other's patents, but excludes Apple's design patents.

Samsung shares Apple and HTC's patent infringement settlementSamsung shares Apple and HTC's patent infringement settlement

Both companies agreed to an arbitration process to address issues should Apple feel HTC is cloning one of its products, which should help avoid future litigation, according to AllThingsD. They also agreed to a single press release announcing the agreement, and the wording is included in the document.

Apple and HTC were locked in a legal battle over cross accusations of patent infringement. Apple claimed HTC's Android-based smartphones infringed on its data detection patents, and even won an injunction blocking the sale of some HTC devices in the U.S. for infringing on data transmission patents and patents covering interacting with computer data.

Samsung didn't say why it offered up the document. The company presumably sees it as a strategic move to help its ongoing patent infringement battle with Apple. Samsung lost a strategic case in the U.S. this fall when a Jury ruled it willfully infringed on several Apple mobile device patents.

The settlement covers cross patent licensing world wide, bringing an end to their litigation headaches. It also binds both companies to secrecy, so don't expect to hear either side talking much about the deal.