Apple Intros 16GB iPod touch Sans Rear Camera

Apple quietly added a lower capacity iPod touch to its lineup on Thursday with the introduction of a 16GB model to sit along side its 32GB and 64GB models. The 16GB version doesn't, however, include a rear-facing camera, but does have a front-facing camera for FaceTime video chats.

Apple's 16GB iPod touch: No rear camera and only in silverApple's 16GB iPod touch: No rear camera and only in silver

Like its higher capacity brothers, the 16GB iPod touch sports the same thin body, 4-inch Retina Display, and dual-core A5 processor. Along with the rear-facing camera, it also dropped the pop-out loop connector, and cut the color choices down to just silver.

With the new 16GB silver iPod touch available, Apple discontinued the fourth generation 16GB and 32GB models that sold for US$199 and $249, which means that Apple's iPod touch lineup is now available only with the higher quality 4-inch Retina Display.

The 16GB Retina iPod touch is priced at US$229 and is available now.