Apple Intros Disk-shaped Apple Watch Charging Dock

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Apple introduced its own Apple Watch charging dock on Wednesday with a different take from those offered by third-party manufacturers. Instead of a stand to hold your Apple Watch, it's a disk with a magnetic charger that sits flat or vertical.

Apple unveils its own Apple Watch charging dockApple unveils its own Apple Watch charging dock

The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock looks more like a wafer or flying saucer than a stand and seems much sleeker than the stands that are currently available on the market. You even get your choice of color as long as it's white.

You can't, however, pick up the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock today. Apple says it'll be available in stores on Friday, November 20th. Pre-orders are available now for US$79, and in-store pickup will be an option, too.

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Lee Dronick

That would be a more stable platform than the other designs.


“You even get your choice of color as long as it’s white.”

Great line Jeff!


For me, that would be a waste of $79 (Plus tax) to gain no convenience I don’t already have with merely the charger that came with my Apple Watch:
by looping the band in exactly the same way shown in the photo, & resting the watch so that it encircles that standard charger lying upon my bedside table, I need only lift one edge of that charger vertical towards the back of the watch, et voila!! I have the exact same arrangement for charging my watch, without that expensive charging dock. I don’t see what functionality or benefit adding that dock to this set up could provide - the setup seems identical with or without the dock.


The $39 iPhone Lightning Dock, however, is an entirely different matter - I am repeatedly finding myself glad I splurged on it; it makes using my (humongously cumbersome) iPhone 6 much more easily used in so many situations. I think I may wind up buying a second one to install in the cigarette ashtray in my car’s dashboard, to replace all those many cheap&expensive; less-than-adequate iPhone car mounts I’ve wasted so much money on, with little bit of modeling clay as a base in the ashtray under the dock - that setup works so much better then anything else I’ve been able to try (window-suction standards, CD-player standards, dash-mount standards, etc.).

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