Apple Intros Mac App Store Volume Purchases

Mac developers have now offer volume purchases for their titles on the Mac App Store. The company shared the news with developers on Thursday, and also said they can offer special discounts for educational institutions, too.

Apple adds volume discounts to Mac App StoreApple adds volume discounts to Mac App Store

Apple told developers,

We're pleased to announce that Mac apps will soon be eligible to participate in the Volume Purchase Program for Business and Education. The Volume Purchase Program allows businesses or educational institutions to purchase multiple copies of your app at once.

You may also offer a discount to educational institutions for multiple purchases. If you choose to offer a volume discount for an app, institutions that purchase 20 or more copies of that app in a single order will receive a 50-percent discount.

Developers must add their apps to the educational discount program since Apple isn't making that a default option. To do so, developers just need to check the "Discount for Educational Institutions" option in the Mac App Store pricing section in iTunes Connect.

Apple hasn't said yet exactly when the volume purchasing options will be available, and instead is sticking with the open ended "soon" time frame.