Apple Intros New MacBook Pro with Haswell Processors, Lower Price

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Along with OS X Mavericks, Apple unveiled new MacBook Pro models at its media event in San Francisco Tuesday morning. As expected, the new laptops sport Intel's Haswell processors, and also include improved graphics, 802.11ac WiFi support, and more.

Apple's Phil Schiller shows off new MacBook Pro modelsApple's Phil Schiller shows off new MacBook Pro models

The 13-inch model now weighs less at 3.46 pounds, uses Intel's Iris graphics, Thunderbolt 2, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, and include several build-to-order upgrade options as well. Pricing now starts at US$1,299, which is $200 lower than the previous model.

The 15-inch model offer up to eight hours of battery life, quad-core i7 processors, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and some models include the GeForce GT 750M video processor, too. Pricing starts at $1,999, down from the previous model's $2,199.

Both are available today.

Apple's media event is still underway, so be sure to check in with The Mac Observer for our live coverage.



Interesting that they offer a 15” MBP withOUT the discrete graphics. It used to be only the 13” model that didn’t have it. 15” is pushing more pixels too, so the integrated GPU must have improved by enough to handle this.


Has anyone else noted that Apple now offers several 13” models of laptop from Airs to MB Pros? I see a trend to smaller, lighter, more mobile, yet powerful devices. As an owner of a PowerBook G4 12” (battle worn and battered, yet usable) I am happy to see the new improvements in the 13” MB Pro. Also, I note that the non-retina MB Pro 13” is the only remaining one of its kind. I’m guessing that the market for the smaller laptops has grown in recent years.

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