Apple Investing €1.7B in European Renewable Energy Data Centers

Apple is planning on investing €1.7 billion into two new data centers in Europe scheduled to open some time in 2017. The facilities will be powered entirely by renewable energy and are set to be built in Denmark and Ireland.

Apple building new renewable energy-powered data centers in EuropeApple building new renewable energy-powered data centers in Europe

Apple said the data centers will support online services such as the iTunes Store, the App Store, Siri, Maps, and iMessage for its European customers. The iPhone and iPad maker said it will work with local partners to develop additional renewable energy sources for future power needs.

The company also plans to restore land has previously been used to grow and harvest non-native trees in Ireland, and restore native trees to the Derrydonnell Forest. In Denmark, Apple is building its data center near one of the country's largest power substations to eliminate the need for additional generators, and the heat from the facility's equipment will feed into the district heating system for nearby homes.

"This significant new investment represents Apple’s biggest project in Europe to date," said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple's latest renewable energy efforts in Europe follow the announcement that the company is investing US$848 million in a solar farm in Monterey Counting in California. The facility will produce enough electricity to power all of the company's operations in the state with plenty left over for homes and businesses in the area.

The California solar farm is expected to come on line at the end of 2016. Apple signed a 25-year deal for its power needs.

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