Apple Launches iPad Mini with Retina Display Online

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Apple has quietly—oh, so quietly—launched the iPad mini with Retina Display on the online Apple Store. This marks the softest launch we've seen for a major new Apple product, suggesting that supply will be quite limited.

Currently on the home page of the Apple Store:

iPad mini with Retina Display

iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display

Currently the Apple Store shows availability at 5-10 business days, and that was the case within seconds of the Store coming back online.

Recent rumors have said that supplies of the display Apple is using with the iPad mini with Retina Display are in short supply, and would limit availability of this device until early 2014. Launching the device without pre-announcing the date, without holding a launch event, and without even issuing a press release strongly backs up those reports.

Add in initial availability at 5-10 business days, and, well...yep.

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Lee Dronick

Spiced ham?

Anyway, just yesterday I took my wife to the Apple Store so that she could try the two iPad sizes. She likes the Mini because it weighs less and the dimensions of it will allow for carrying in her shoulder bag. She will be getting one for Christmas.


Lee ~ FWIW, it also fits neatly in the pockets of cargo pants, as well as numerous causal Fall/Winter jackets.

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