Apple Launches Stealth MacBook Pro Delaminating Display Repair Program

Apple is finally acknowledging there's an issue where the antireflective coating on some Retina MacBook Pro displays delaminates. You won't, however, find a special Apple Web page with instructions on getting yours fixed; instead, you'll have to make a Genius Bar appointment.

Apple fixing delaminating Retina MacBook Pro displays for freeApple fixing delaminating Retina MacBook Pro displays for free

The problem, dubbed Staingate, appears to affect a small subset of Retina MacBook Pro owners. But it's a big deal for those that have the problem because it makes the laptop's display difficult to use. In some cases, the antireflective coating delaminates, and in others it seems to stain.

Apple's fix is to replace the defective display, and under this new program Mac owners won't have to spend any money for the repair. Affected laptops can be repairs for free up to three years after purchase or a year after October 16, 2015, based on which ever time frame is longer.

Since Apple isn't making an announcement about the program, it's up to users to start the process by scheduling a Genius Bar appointment, or contacting an authorized Apple Service provider. Customers who already paid for screen repairs may be eligible for a refund, too.

[Thanks to MacRumors for the heads up]