Apple Media Event Set for March 21st to ‘Loop you in’

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Apple began inviting the press to a media event scheduled for March 21st. Buzzfeed reported the event will take place Apple's Cupertino headquarters, and the company's invitation (shown below) is titled "Let us loop you in."

Let us loop you in.

Apple Media Event Invitation

The rumor mill has long said that Apple will use the event to introduce a 5-inch "iPhone SE" and a new 9.7-inch iPad Air, which will either be called iPad Air 3 or some iteration of "iPad Pro."

iPhone SE will mark Apple's return to a smaller form factor similar to the iPhone 5, but with most of the modern goodies of newer models. 9to5Mac reported the device feature Apple Pay, live Photos, always-on Siri, and A9 chips (with the M9 coprocessor).

The new iPad model is expected to support Apple Pencil, the four speaker design unveiled in the actual iPad Pro, and a Smart Connector for accessories like Apple's keyboard.

Buzzfeed reported that Apple will also introduce yet more Apple Watches, which could be referenced in the "loop you in" title for the event. Jim Dalrymple at The Loop also reported that Apple would introduce new Apple Watch bands.

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Some are hoping for an iPod Touch the size of an iPhone 6S or 6s Plus, and wondering why these haven’t grown larger.


Re: “Jim Dalrymple at The Loop also reported that Apple would introduce new Apple Watch bands.”

He in particular must have been flattered that Apple wanted to “loop him in”...


Any rumors yet whether the new SE will have tactile feedback?  I guess we’ll know soon enough.  I need a new phone AND a new Mac Book Pro…

Lee Dronick

 Watch

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Lee Dronick

Probably a new WatchOS as well, iOS too. Hopefully the designers will give us the option of how long an alarm, timer alert, and such will sound. It would be nice to it ding 3 times and not continue until the battery runs out.

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