Apple Moving Refurb Products Through Ebay 'Refurbished Outlet'

Apple has begun moving refurbished products through an Ebay store under the name "Refurbished Outlet," according to 9to5Mac. The Ebay store offers a host of refurbished Apple products at the same prices at Apple's online store, and though Apple isn't claiming ownership of the store, the report claims that Apple has been running the store as a trial.

Refurbished Outlet

Header Image for the Retail Outlet on Ebay

Apple has long sold refurbished products through its online site and through a few select third party retailers. A move to open its own store on Ebay suggests the company has more refurbished products to move than it can through those existing channels.

As noted in the image above, each product comes with a one year warranty, a new battery (for iPads and iPods), complete burn-in testing, the original OS, and repackaged with manuals and appropriate cables in "like-new" condition.

These are the same things included with refurbished products on Apple's online store, and as noted above, at the same prices. Without citing sources, 9to5Mac that the Ebay store is in trial, "and could open the door to much bigger things."