Apple Music Beta Comes to Sonos on December 15th

Sonos users rejoice! Apple Music will be is now available in beta form on Sonos's wireless speakers starting December 15th. According to Sonos, this will feature streaming of everything in Apple Music's For You, New, Radio and My Music sections. If you have a family account setup, six of them can be added to Sonos individually, allowing everyone to access their own selections and playlists.

This is a beta and along with that come all the reasonable caveats and warnings. Ok, good, now that you've decided to ignore all those, you must now opt-in to the Sonos beta program in order to receive your update on December 15th. Here's how:

  • Open the Sonos app
  • Tap “Settings” then “Advanced Settings”
  • Tap “Beta Program”
  • Tap “Join the Beta Program”
  • Update your Sonos system ("Settings" again and then "Online Updates")
  • Add Apple Music from the "Add Music Services" menu

That's it. Then check in again in two-weeks-and-one-day and hopefully you'll see an update!

Ed: Updated 12/15/2015 to include full instructions for updating to the beta and adding Apple Music