Apple Music Coming to Sonos Later this Year

Apple has confirmed its Apple Music streaming service will be coming to Sonos players, but it won't be there for Tuesday's official launch. Apple Music senior director Ian Rogers said Sonos support is "coming soon," and now Apple has confirmed that means before the end of the year.

Sonos to get Apple Music support by the end of the yearSonos to get Apple Music support by the end of the year

Sonos makes music system that connect wirelessly over your local network so you can stream music from your computer and online services anywhere in your home.

It's interesting that Apple Music won't support Sonos at launch because Beats Music, the streaming music service Apple bought and rebranded, currently is supported. Apple is, however, adding in more features such as the Beats 1 Internet radion station and Connect which lets artists interact with their fans.

Apple Music will support iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Windows PCs at launch. Apple TV and Android support will be coming this fall, too.

Apple Music kicks off June 30 at 9AM pacific time. iOS 8.4 with Apple Music compatibility will be available at 8AM and an iTunes update for Mac and Windows will be out ahead of the launch, too.

You can learn more about Apple Music by checking out TMO's FAQ.