Apple Music: Controlling Your Library with Siri

One of the things I love most about Apple Music is being able to play anything I want by just asking Siri.

So even if I’ve never purchased a single song by, say, Primitive Radio Gods, I can play their stuff to my heart’s content. But here’s the problem: If I ask Siri to play music by a particular artist as I’ve done above, my device will sort through that artist’s popular songs on Apple Music whether I’ve purchased them or added them to my library or not. But what if I only want to hear the subsection of that artist’s stuff that I actually own? Simple. I’ll need to ask Siri instead to “Play [artist name] from my music”:

Siri’ll then play the stuff I’ve purchased from that artist or added to my library through Apple Music. Meaning that if I only like three songs by Pink Floyd, I don’t have to shuffle through their entire catalog to hear them.

(I, by the way, like waaaaay more than three songs by Pink Floyd.)

Anyway, while we’re at it, here are a few other quick controlling-music-with-Siri tips:

1) Listen to a playlist. If you’ve got a playlist already set up on your device, you can just tell Siri to start it (or shuffle it).

Yes, I really do have a playlist with that name.

2) Set a song to play after the current one. Pretty self-explanatory, but nifty!

3) Play other songs by the artist you’re listening to:

Cool, right? There’s a ton of ways you can shuffle your music around and hear just what you want without having to even look at your screen. Which is kind of a problem for me, as now I’ve pretty much forgotten how to use the Music app. Oh, well.