Apple Pay Now in 2 Million Retailers

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The number of retailers accepting Apple Pay is still climbing and has hit the 2 million mark. Au Bon Pain, Chick-fil-A, Create & Barrel, and Zappos are among the latest to get on board with Apple's wireless mobile payment system, and more are on the way.

Apple Pay retail partners hits 2 millionApple Pay retail partners hits 2 million

Zappos head of mobile, Aki Iida told Business Times, "We've been getting requests from customers to use Apple Pay for quite a while."

Apple Pay is Apple's NFC-based credit card payment system for the iPhone 6 and newer, along with Apple Watch. You can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to tap-and-pay at supported credit card terminals without using your credit card, and it's more secure because your actual card number isn't used in transactions.

Apple Pay is more secure and convenient than swiping magnetic stripes on cards, but many smartphone users aren't ready to trust the system. Some retailers aren't interested in enabling the feature at their pay terminals, which isn't helping push wireless payment adoption.

"The challenge for us and Apple as well is to see how much the feature is adopted—not just by retailers but also consumers," Mr Iida said.

Despite the resistance, mobile payments are expected to increase from 2015's US$450 billion to $620 billion this year. Apple Pay will likely be a big part of that because China's biggest banks are rolling out support this month—that's a huge increase in potential mobile payment users.

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More retailers on board means more opportunities for iPhone and Apple Watch owners to use Apple Pay. It's easy to use, and far more secure than the magnetic stripes on credit cards. It's a little frustrating that more stores aren't supporting NFC payment systems.

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Target Stores are the biggest last hold out in my life #TargetStoresWithoutApplePaySuck :-D


Haven’t seen exactly how Samsung Pay works, but according to the Hype the retailers don’t need special equipment.

Locally (Dover, DE) I continue to have issues with Apple Pay.  Doesn’t matter if I use the Watch or phone.  It is actually more convenient to use an actual Credit Card.  They continually ask me for the last four digits on my card….  I give it to them and it gets declined.  There is another set of numbers that must be used to validate the payment that must reside somewhere else.


diverreb: Yes, there is another set of numbers assigned to each of your saved cards by your devise. Go to Settings/Wallet & Apple Pay. You’ll see a list, along with the icons, of the cards you’ve saved in “Wallet” for Apple Pay transactions. Tap on any one of those cards then scroll down. You’ll find “Card Number” and to the right of that, four dots followed by the actual last four digits of that particular card. However, below THAT line, you’ll see “Device Account Number” and to the right of that, four dots followed by another four digits. THOSE four, personal “assigned-to-your-device” numbers, different for and unique to each one of your cards, are the numbers you need to provide to a seller as validation for the payment. The paragraph below that line explains.


@diverreb at what stores is this happening? and if you answer is all, what is the vendor (Visa, MC, AMEX) and lastly what type of card is it (credit or debit)? I’ve tried AMEX and Visa credit cards (3 banks) and never seen anything like this. Generally when they ask for digits off the card, it’s the security code, 3 digits for Visa and MC (found on back), 4 digits for AMEX (found on front above card# to the right), but frankly that makes no sense, although asking for the last 4 digits of the card also makes no sense. It sounds like a problem at a specific bank or NFC reader system.

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