Apple Planning Retail Store Expansion in Latin America with Flagship Store in Mexico City

Apple is gearing up for the next phase of its international Retail Store expansion with stores planned for Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Argentina, according to sources speaking this week with both MacRumors and AppleInsider.

Apple's retail push into Latin America will reportedly include two stores in Mexico City, with one designed as a major flagship location on par with high profile Apple Stores such as Fifth Avenue in New York and Union Square in San Francisco, and based around Apple's long-in-development next-generation retail store design. Other cities in Mexico, including Guadalajara and Monterrey, are also reportedly on the list to receive stores in the coming years.

apple mexico city leakImage via MacRumors

Internal Apple documents reveal that the company is currently recruiting existing employees to jumpstart efforts in Mexico, a common practice at Apple Retail upon the launch of a new location. Details about timing are unavailable, but the documents show that Apple is in the process of hiring for the first Mexico City store until January 18th.

If true, the expansion would greatly increase Apple's official retail presence in Latin America. The company currently only has two stores in the region, both in Brazil, and relies on third party retail partners and online sales for the bulk of its reach.

Apple previously looked at expanding its Retail Store operations to Mexico in 2007, with reports of lease negotiations for space in the Torre Mayor tower, but no agreement was reached at the time. Apple currently operates 472 stores in 18 countries.