Apple Preps iPhone Trade-in Program

Apple has reportedly moved beyond the "let's think about it stage" for an in-store iPhone trade-in program and is now running a pilot program in a few of its retail locations. Some stores have been part of the test program for a few weeks and are already processing multiple trade-ins daily.

Apple ready to start its own iPhone trade-in programApple ready to start its own iPhone trade-in program

The program, according to TechCrunch, lets store employees and customers provide information to help determine the trade-in value of their old iPhone. Depending on the model and its condition, customers are getting upwards of US$250 credit towards their new iPhone.

Apple then gives customers a gift card for the trade-in value that can then be applied to their new iPhone. If there's money left over, they can keep it for other Apple purchases.

iPhones that are traded in get refurbished so they can be resold in emerging markets at a discount.

The deals Apple is offering aren't as great as other trade-in sites, but it does have the convenience factor going for it: You can walk into an Apple Store with your old iPhone, get a credit on the spot, and walk out with a brand new model.

Apple's new trade-in program is expected to officially launch in September, and may be announced as part of its September 10 iPhone media event.