Apple Pushes iOS 6.0.2 to Fix Wi-Fi Bug

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iOS 6Apple released iOS 6.0.2 on Tuesday. The patch notes say simply that the update, "Fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi."

The update isn't showing up for everyone just yet, though it is listed on Apple's Support site. When it does show up for individuals, it should be available through iTunes and as an over-the-air update.

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David Bazerman

Just installed iOS 6.0.2 update and immediately wifi worked better-too bad Apple couldn’t admit to a known problem and save us all the trouble of trying to use fixers that didn’t work.  Well, at least it seems to be fixed.


It hasn’t shown up for me in either iTunes or over the air, using either my iPad retina display (3rd gen) or my iPhone 4S. However, on my wife’s and son’s iPhone 5’s, it shows up (nice graphic, too, with the churning wheels in Setting).

Presumably, the later hardware is being queued first.


didn’t work for me
still compromised connectivity compared to my 4

David Bazerman

Follow up to my earlier comment-while it is much better with ios 6.0.2 iphone 5 still goes out of wifi mode when in sleep mode-takes only a second to acquire wifi once wakened but this is still not as good as my iphone 4-guess it needs more tweaking.


Dec 20 and still not seeing the update on my iPodTouch or iPad. Must be delayed getting north of the border.


“Must be delayed getting north of the border.”

Geoduck et al:

I think this may be more akin to a firmware update for WiFi access. I just upgraded my daughter’s iPhone yesterday (Saturday) to a white 4S (she didn’t really want the 5, likes to smaller form factor of the 4S for now). The white 4S came preloaded with iOS 5, so we had to do the update at home. It updated to iOS 6.0.1 not 6.0.2. My iPhone 4S and iPad Retina (Gen3) still show up to date with 0.1; whereas my wife’s and my son’s respective iPhone 5’s both got the software update.

Importantly, in my experience at least, none of these earlier generation iOS devices have had any problems with WiFi connectivity.

Linda Enneking

My new ipad worked fine the first three days I had it, then the iOS 6 downloaded and I have been having wi-fi issues since then. I keep getting messages that the server is not responding or has timed out, or simply “cannot open”.
I have rebooted the wireless router, and spent a good deal of time on the phone with my ISP, but am still having issues. The wi-fi network is still working fine, it’s just the ipad that is having problems.


Apparently if you opted for the 4S instead of the 5 (not all of us are made of money) you are stuck with the wi-fi bug. no iOS 6.0.2 for anything other then the iPhone 5 or iPad 2. darn.

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