Apple Q3 2013 Earnings Report Set for July 23

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Apple will host its 2013 third fiscal quarter earnings conference call on Tuesday, July 23, after the stock market closes. The Mac, iPhone and iPad maker said during its second quarter earnings report that it is expecting this quarter's revenue to come in between US$33.5 billion and $35.5 billion with gross margins between 27 and 36 percent.

Apple to host its third fiscal quarter earnings report on July 23Apple to host its third fiscal quarter earnings report on July 23

Assuming Apple hits its guidance, it'll come in below last quarter and the same quarter year-over-year. The only big product launch Apple had came late in the quarter in the form of updated MacBook Air models. While the Air is a popular seller, it didn't hit early enough to have a significant impact on quarterly numbers.

With growing anticipation for updated iPhone and iPad models, Apple may show weaker mobile devices sales since consumers are holding out for product updates. Those updates will likely come this fall when Apple releases iOS 7.

Apple's third quarter earnings report will start at about 5PM eastern time on July 23. Be sure to check in with The Mac Observer for our usual coverage and analysis.

Apple is currently trading in the pre-market at $409.75, up 0.53 (0.13%).

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Let’s speculate:
Right now the stock is in a little climb.
In a couple of weeks a sell will take place for profit taking.
The July report will be good but the market will panic over some detail the price will drop again.
Apple will doomed by the press.
In August the stock will climb in anticipation on new iPhones and iPads.
The new stuff arrives in September and gets slam by tech journalists.
Apple sells a gazillion of the over the release weekend and the stock rallies.
The tech press remains unimpressed because Apple doesn’t sell a cheap phone.
But just wait for Apple’s October surprise.

Lee Dronick

Spot on, Skipaq!

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