Apple Recalls 'Limited Number' of USB-C Charge Cables

Apple has issued a recall on what it says is a "limited number" of USB-C Charge Cables that shipped with MacBooks. The company said that some of those cables can fail due to a design issue, and this could result in your MacBook failing to charge properly.

"Apple will provide a new, redesigned USB-C charge cable, free of charge, to all eligible customers," the company said on its website. "This program also covers Apple USB-C charge cables that were sold as a standalone accessory."

How to Identify Your Cables

The cables included in the recall have "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China" printed on them. Apple's newer cables—those unaffected by the problem—have a serial number following those words, as shown in the image below.

Apple USB-C

Apple USB-C Replacement Guide

The replacement process is straight forward. If you have access to an Apple Store, you can make an appointment at the Genius Bar and they'll handle it. You can also work through an Apple Authorized Service Provider. If that doesn't work for you, there's a link for contacting AppleCare on the recall's webpage.