Apple Redesigns its Support Pages with a Fresh Look

Apple has completely redesigned its support pages to be more friendly, colorful, easier to navigate and better organized.

Image Credit: Apple

Previously, while Apple's support pages were fairly easy to read and navigate, they did tend to be somewhat text intensive at the outset.

With the new redesign, it's a lot easier to start with a product, then drill down, visually until the desired area is found in the sidebars: manuals, downloads (if applicable), tech specs, user forums, recent updates or notices and, finally, tips. How to contact support is also made more obvious.

Only after you've drilled down to an area that looks promising are the conventional support documents listed and made available for viewing. One might surmise that the method used to select and order the initially displayed documents has something to do with frequency tracking in the old presentation. A "Load More Results" button at the bottom expands the list to broaden the coverage.

Of course, it's still possible search for a document number or key word, and links to the Apple store are provided.

All in all, this is a welcome refresh of a very important part of Apple's website.