Apple Releases iOS 6.0.1, Fixes Horizontal Lines on Keyboard

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Apple squashed eight different bugs on Thursday with the release of iOS 6.0.1, one of which fixes the horizontal line issue many users experienced on their virtual keyboards. The update also fixes an issue that prevented iPhone 5 from installing over-the-air updates. Other fixes include bugs affecting the camera flash, iTunes Match, and Passbook.

Apple's iOS 6.0.1 Software Update patch notes:

This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fixes a bug that prevents iPhone 5 from installing software updates wirelessly over the air
  • Fixes a bug where horizontal lines may be displayed across the keyboard
  • Fixes an issue that could cause camera flash to not go off
  • Improves reliability of iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation) when connected to encrypted WPA2 Wi-Fi networks
  • Resolves an issue that prevents iPhone from using the cellular network in some instances
  • Consolidated the Use Cellular Data switch for iTunes Match
  • Fixes a Passcode Lock bug which sometimes allowed access to Passbook pass details from lock screen
  • Fixes a bug affecting Exchange meetings

Note that iPhone 5 users attempting to update wirelessly will be walked through a process that includes downloading a standalone updater app called "iOS Update Enabler." Running this app then updates iOS to 6.0.1, which should then allow users to use the over-the-air update feature normally.

iPhone 5 Screenshot

iPhone 5 Over-the-Air Install Screenshot

iOS Update Enabler

Install "iOS Update Enabler"

Installing the update through iTunes doesn't require this separate process.

Apple hasn't yet updated its security release webpage with iOS 6.0.1 information.

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Oh cool!  When you download the update, the gears on the settings icon turn.

Maybe it did that before, but I never noticed it.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Nice of them to fix the Safari AJAX bug. Not. It’s costing web developers time and money working around a very ill-advised optimization attempt.

Dave Hamilton

@kevinlane I noticed the spinning gears, too, and I believe it’s new in iOS 6.


@Bosco you can work around it on the server side as shown in this Stack overflow answer.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

@ctopher: Not everyone codes their web apps from the ground up. Some of us use tools like Real Studio Web Edition. And not every web app that does polling in a way that is amenable to a single connection to the server. And to top it off, a componentized web app system that uses the same server for the main page and for iframe elements independently, suddenly has to coordinate access across frames.

This is all stuff that Apple was aware of through bug reporting in the iOS 6 beta testing phase. They didn’t even acknowledge it or offer workarounds to those directly affected.

The ultimate fix for this situation is to allow full implementations of competing browsers on iOS. Chrome and Firefox would be there in their best form in a pre-Sandy New York minute were they allowed to.

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