Apple Releases iPhone Activation Lock Status Checker

Buying a used iPhone or iPad isn't a big deal, unless Find My iPhone's Activation Lock feature is enabled. Now Apple has a Web-based tool to let you check Activation Lock Status on a used iOS device before you buy it.

Apple's iOS device Activation Lock Status websiteApple's iOS device Activation Lock Status website

Activation Lock is an iOS 7 and iOS 8 feature that binds your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Apple ID when Find My iPhone is enabled. The feature helps discourage theft because the device is essentially useless to anyone trying to sell it. With Find My iPhone active, no one else can activate the device as their own.

Apple's new Activation Lock checker lets you enter an iOS device's serial number or IMEI number, then tells you whether or not it can be activated, or if the current owner needs to disable Find My iPhone.

The Activation Lock Status checker is available through Apple's iCloud website.

[Thanks to our TMO readers for the heads up]