Apple Announces iTunes 11

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Following the fanfare over the new iPhone 5 and iOS 6, Apple’s Eddy Cue took the stage in San Francisco to announce the new iTunes 11 for Mac and Windows. The software has a new, edge-to-edge design and features a redesigned interface.

iTunes 11

Albums now expand their contents down without having to change views, and link to more in-store content. A new Currently Playing feature shows upcoming songs, and there is a new mini player design with a minimalistic interface.

iTunes 11 Expanded Interface

Users can also search their library directly from the mini player and add songs to their playlist queue.

iTunes 11 Mini Player

The interface for other content besides music, and the in-app storefront have also been overhauled.

iTunes 11 will also allow users to "pick up where they left off," and automatically sync listening or viewing progress of music, tv shows, podcasts, and audiobooks across devices.

Overall, the new iTunes offers a sleek and more streamlined interface. In a hint of things to come on the hardware side, the software will not be available until October.

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I’m really surprised they are still calling it iTunes when it’s turned into so much more. I thought for sure it was time that they did a big revamp of it since it seems to have gotten overgrown. Oh well. At least today didn’t make me sad that I got an iPhone 4S last month.

Scott B in DC

What they didn’t say was if iTunes 11 will work on Snow Leopard and if the iCloud support will come along with it!


Well this is very odd.  Software Update crashed twice looking for updated iTunes, so I went to Apple online where they are offering iTunes 10.7 (not 11) showing today’s date, and it says offers compatibility with iOS 6.  So what’s up with that, JIm?

Jim Tanous

Hi iJack,

iTunes 11 won’t be out until October; I don’t know why they felt compelled to introduce it today. It will likely launch at the same time as the new iPod nano, touch, and iPad mini.

Until then, Apple released iTunes 10.7 today, which provides full support for iOS 6. There are no changes to the software other than iOS 6 support, and it’s likely meant to act as an interim solution for folks who will upgrade to iOS 6 before the October launch of iTunes 11.

As you mentioned, it can be downloaded directly from Apple (, although it has yet to make an appearance in Software Update.

Another important consideration, mentioned above by Scott B, is OS X compatibility. iTunes 10.7 will work on Snow Leopard 10.6.8 but Apple has not officially identified the system requirements for iTunes 11. Considering that Apple touted iTunes’ iCloud features, and we all know that iCloud requires at least OS X Lion, I think it’s likely that iTunes 11 won’t be available for Macs running less than OS X 10.7.4.


I really hope this iTunes 11 still retains advanced usability. I listen to music by Album, I don’t create playlists like a DJ would, but I do use smart playlists to sort through my large library. For example I would have a smart playlist that shows albums I have added to my collection in the last month; another smart playlist that picks out all the “folk-rock” records released in the 00’s, stuff like that.

I would like to see more tag info to make use of. For example being able to apply multiple genres to songs, for large collections would be a god send! It’s silly to have to choose just one genre(I currently use the grouping field to expand on this).

Although it’s somewhat wishful thinking, I would also like to see more options for displaying classical music. It be would amazing if iTunes could differentiate & sort between each CD, work and movement.

That’s another thing too; multiple CD’s. Some multi disc albums can be quite lengthy if they are grouped together as one entire piece. For example; Tom Waits’ album “Orphans” is 3 discs of 50+ tracks. There should be a neater way to display such works, so one doesn’t have to split CD up into albums.


I am hoping it will run on Snow Leopard.


copy your mac to hd,
update ‘hd-itunes-10’  to 11
and check it out.
if it runs, do likewise to original 10.6.
if not, dont.

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