Apple Releases iTunes 11.1.1 to Fix Deleted Podcasts, Problem with iTunes Extras

Apple released iTunes 11.1.1 on Wednesday, a maintenance release to fix an issue with iTunes Extras content not showing. The update also fixes a problem where podcasts were being erroneously deleted.

We're seeing the update in the Mac App Store in Mountain Lion, but it has not yet been listed on Apple's support site. It hasn't yet been added to Apple's Security KnowledgeBase article, either.

It's a 96.3MB download through the Mac App Store.

Here are the patch notes, as listed in the Mac App Store. The highlighted section pertains to 11.1.1, while the other notes are for version 11.1 released in September.

iTunes 11.1.1 Patch Notes

iTunes 11.1.1 Patch Notes